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Friday, August 10, 2012

Free Downloads New PCMAV 8

Hello friend, this time I will share a free antivirus, but quite reliable in eradicating the virus. And the title of this article is free downloads New PCMAV 8.
Antivirus PCMAV is made ​​by PCmedia magazine that began in early 2006, this is the antivirus antivirus the most widely used in Indonesia.

Given his ability is very nice and very helpful, especially when the computer is infected with the virus, with automatic antivirus eradicate this virus / worm that is, one such virus named win32 heur / win32 cekar. Weakness only in the long scanning time and can not be used on windows 98 OS must be Windows 2000 and above.

Last update done on July 8, 2012, download PCMAV and Update Build 8 Predator latest antivirus please click on one of the links provided below.

Download PCMAV 8.0:
Link 1 Link 2
Link 3 Link 4
Update Build1:
Link 1 Link 2
PCMAV Express for Ramnit:
Link 1 Link 2


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